Cartrack MALAWI

An approved licensee to Cartrack Pty Ltd (South Africa)

Cartrack Malawi is an approved licensee within the Cartrack Holdings Limited group and commenced operations in 2010. Cartrack Malawi is committed to meeting the high standards of service that Cartrack strives to provide worldwide. Cartrack Holdings Limited, which listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2014 (Bloomberg CTK:SJ), operates globally across 5 continents.

Since its founding, the Cartrack Group of companies has swiftly developed into a leading provider of fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and insurance telematics, with over 1 300 000 clients across 23 countries worldwide. This growth can be attributed to Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) being an emerging market that is rapidly gaining momentum in both the taxi and the logistics industries.

Cartrack’s outstanding service offering is built on the most advanced technologies available, coupled with a devotion to professionalism, hard work and client service. Innovation lies at the heart of its business and is vital to its success. To this end, Cartrack ensures that it is constantly developing new technologies that consider the learnings from all the countries in which it operates, and that it subsequently applies these learnings to its business, thereby ensuring a better product and service is offered.

Cartrack’s systems are built on the most advanced technologies available, coupled with a devotion to client service. In line with the rapid development and convergence of telecommunication services, Cartrack has expanded the scope of its offering to include full telematics services, with fleet management a particular focus.

Cartrack’s user-friendly and cost-effective web-based Fleet Management portal provides a comprehensive set of features, thereby ensuring that customers fleets and human resources can be optimised without upfront costs being incurred.

Cartrack’s impressive recovery rate of 98% in Malawi is evidence of its success in providing quality services to its clients and to the markets in the regions in which it operates. Its aim is to emerge as pioneers in the industry, ensuring that vehicles are managed to its customers’ satisfaction and creating a real value for their business.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and recommended technology provider of Fleet Management and Vehicle recovery locally and internationally.

Our Mission

We aim to offer quality products by providing the latest technological innovations and excellent service to our customers.


We aim to be your partner, every moment of every day, and to build a trust based on performance and reliability. We guarantee a service of the highest level that meets all your needs.

Our products are designed to ensure reliability in critical situations and prevent customers from exposing themselves to risky scenarios.

With a presence in 24 markets for over 12 years, monitoring more than 900 000 vehicles daily, Cartrack has unmatched experience in Africa, including Malawi.